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How to use Garmin GPS Map

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Posted 27 July 2017 - 03:20 PM

This "how-to-guide" for Garmin GPS unit maps is for the most common Garmin Nuvi units but may be applicable for all models of Garmin devices. Please refer to your Garmin unit's user manual for more specific details.  
Feel free at any point to post a question or comment at the bottom of this post. We will answer all questions immediately. 
In some emerging markets, such as in Central America, there is a lack of an address system. Due to this, GPSetTravelguides provides you with different options to navigate to destinations. You can navigate to your destination with your Garmin unit by the following methods:
1. On the Garmin unit click a location on the map.
2. City or Town
3. POI - Point of Interest
4. Street Intersection
5. Latitude and Longitude
6. Waypoints that you have saved on your Garmin unit.
7. Waypoints that you import from Garmin Basecamp. 
Please refer to you Garmin unit owners manual for more detailed ways of routing to destinations using the above methods.
How to tell that the GPS map is installed -  
1. At the main screen of your Garmin unit, select the following: 
Tools ? Settings ? Map ? Map Info 
Here you will see a list of all GPS maps installed on your Garmin unit. Uncheck all maps that you will not be using. (This will not delete those Garmin maps).
You can use the + and - buttons to see more details on the Garmin GPS map. If you want to see more map details, then ZOOM IN using the + button on your Garmin device. If you want to see a more area on the map then press - to ZOOM OUT. If you zoom out to far then the road details will disappear. Simple zoom back in on your Garmin unit to see more details. 
How to view map details for a country that you're not currently located in - 
1. At the main screen of your Garmin unit select "Where To?."
2. Now click "Near…"
3. Click "A Different City" > "OK"
4. Type in the name of the city (you may need to use CAPITAL LETTERS). Click "Done".
5. You will now see a screen that shows a list of cities. Select the city you typed in.
6. Click the arrow button at the bottom of the screen on your Garmin unit in order to scroll down until you see an icon for "Browse Map".
7. Click "Browse Map". You will now see the Garmin map that you installed.
Another method for viewing your map:
1. On the main screen on the Garmin device click "View Map." This will provide you a map of your current location when you do this.
2. Click on the zoom out "-" button several times to pan out. 
3. Drag your finger across the screen to pan to the country that you have installed. There will be a rectangle box surrounding that country if it is the only checked map in the "Map Info" menu on your Garmin device.
4. Click in the middle of the rectangle and then begin zooming in. As you zoom in, you will see more details such as streets. Keep zooming in until you see streets.
How to view a specific POI- points of interest:
1. At the main screen on your Garmin device click "Where To?" button.
2. Click the "Near…" button.
3. Click "A Different City" > "OK".
4. You can now type the city in the country you wish to view (if you have a newer model GPS you may need to type the name of the city in ALL CAPITAL LETTERS). Click "Done" after typing the city name.
5. Choose the city that you typed in.
6. Click "Points of Interest".
7. You can now choose different categories of points of interest or spell out a name. i.e., if you want to find hotels/resorts the click "Lodging," restaurants select "Food," gas stations, select "Fuel," etc. If you would like, you can also select "spell name" and type in the name of the point of interest that you want to view.
8. Now you will see a selection of points of interest that you were searching for in the Garmin unit.
How to search for street name (address numbers in emerging market countries are very limited or do not exist at all:
1. At the main screen of your Garmin device click "Where To?"
2. Click "Near…".
3. Click  "A Different City" > "OK".
4. Type name of a city in the country you wish to see. Click "Done".
5. A list of cities can now be viewed. Click the city you typed in.
6. Click "Address".
7. DO NOT type a “house number.” Leave BLANK then click “Done”.
8. Type the street name and click “Done”.
9. Here you will see a list of street names. Click the street you typed in. You may view the street you typed in listed several times. Click any one of the listings to view that street.
10. You can now click “View Map” and that street segment will display on the map. After you're in the country, you can click “Go” and your Garmin GPS unit will navigate you to that street.
If you have any other questions then please ask below in our comments section and we will answer immediately. 
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